When first trying Hugo, I thought shortcode was the same as partial where I can call it from a template but I was wrong. A shortcode will not work in a template file (.html file) but inside a content file (.md file). It is a simple snippet that Hugo will render using a predefined template. … » continue reading
Today, I added a new contact form to this site. It’s in the “contact” menu right to “blog” in the navigation menu above. Actually, I don’t really need this form to be on this site, but then built it anyway to add more interactivity. … » continue reading
January 22, 2019

A Fresh Start with Hugo

Hello, this is my first post on this website. I just left my WordPress blog after using it for years. Well, it doesn’t mean I hate using Wordpress. I just want to try using a static site for my blog because there’s no need to load the contents dynamically. … » continue reading