Hello, this is my first post on this website. I just left my WordPress blog after using it for years. Well, it doesn’t mean I hate using Wordpress. I just want to try using a static site for my blog because there’s no need to load the contents dynamically.

Static sites are getting popular for landing pages, personal/company websites, blogs, and any informational sites because they’re fast, cheap, and more secure.

  • Fast because the server only needs to serve static files.
  • Cheap to host because it doesn’t need a powerful server.
  • Secure because there’s no server code running to exploit.

I’ve been playing with Hugo for a few days, and today I pushed myself to publish this site. Hugo is a fast and flexible StaticGen (SSG) which is built using Go language.

For this website, I prefer simple and clean design wishing that it will make it easier for everyone to navigate the site. I built the design from scratch, but actually, you can find many beautiful Hugo themes here based on your need and preference. For the content, I’m going to post ordinary things here… however, I hope this blog will be interesting enough to read.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading the blog.