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March 6, 2019

Git commands I often use

Here are some git commands I use regularly, but sometimes forget then search them on Google LOL 😆 Add an existing project to an empty Github repository Use these following commands if you create an empty Github repository without a readme and .gitignore files. … » continue reading
Are you preparing an interview for a Product Management job? Congratulations on passing the resume selection! Next is time for the interview, and you’re searching about questions that might be asked, then found this page. Keep reading. Product Management jobs are challenging because you will interact with many people with different roles. … » continue reading
When first trying Hugo, I thought shortcode was the same as partial where I can call it from a template but I was wrong. A shortcode will not work in a template file (.html file) but inside a content file (.md file). It is a simple snippet that Hugo will render using a predefined template. … » continue reading
If you have a static IP address, adding a filter to your Google Analytics account to exclude your own traffic is very easy by specifying your IP address in the filter. However, if your IP address is dynamic, or other cases such as when you are traveling or working remotely, it will be difficult to use the same approach. … » continue reading